5 tips to reduce the visibility of stretch marks

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5 Tips to reduce the visibility of stretch marks

Stretch marks are something that affects most women and also many men at some point. It can be said that the name indicates what they are as the marks are simply due to the fact that the skin has not been elastic enough to keep up with one's weight gain. It has therefore broken. The marks that appear afterwards are the body's attempt to patch up the broken skin.

Stretch marks often occur in connection with pregnancy, but you can also get them when you gain weight for other reasons. Even when you enter puberty, you can get these less charming "tiger stripes". Heredity and hormones often have an effect, which makes it difficult to prevent them. Some people find that it helps to lubricate themselves with coconut oil, for example, but for others it does not work at all.

Many women who have had stretch marks when they were pregnant are proud of their brands. They are proof that their body has managed one of the most amazing things you can be a part of! And we really agree that you should not be ashamed of your stretch marks.

But we often come across women who are not at all happy and proud of them, especially if they have only gotten them because of the weight gain.

Since there are so many who wonder how they can make their stretch marks appear less, we decided to compile a list of some things that can be done to tone them down.

1.      Skinroller
Skinroller is a small tool that uses so-called microneedling to stimulate the production of new cells and increase the body's collagen.

This is done by rolling 192 small needles over the skin. In this way, small controlled damages are created which the skin immediately begins to repair by producing new skin cells and increasing the production of collagen. As a result, even old injuries, such as stretch marks, are treated naturally by their own body.

The result is that the stretch marks become less visible and even disappear, depending on the initial position.

Another thing that makes Skinroller perfect for stretch marks is that the treatment makes it easier for the skin to absorb skin care products. So if you lubricate yourself with a cream or serum against stretch marks afterwards, their effect will be much greater.


2.      Bio-Oil

Many people find that their stretch marks and other scars become much less visible when they use Bio-Oil twice a day, preferably in combination with a Skinroller a couple of times a week.

Bio-Oil was truly revolutionary when it was launched on the market a few years ago and was often seen in TV commercials. Now that the pleasure of the news has subsided, it no longer receives as much publicity, but it is still as effective!

It is best to massage it in properly with circular motions.
Bio-Oil not only makes the stretch marks less visible, but also makes the skin more elastic so that new ones do not appear. It can therefore be used to advantage during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from the beginning.

A German study showed that 95% of all women who used Bio-Oil on their stretch marks saw clear results after only two weeks.

Bio-Oil contains vitamins A and E and extracts from lavender, chamomile and marigold, among other things. Thanks to the fact that oil is oxygen-free, the ingredients are well preserved so that their active ingredients are not wasted but go straight into your skin instead!!


3.      Avoid the sun

When you expose the stretch marks to sun rays, they tend to be visible much more clearly as the contrast with the surrounding skin becomes greater. If your stretch marks are white, they are of course more clearly visible the more tanned you are.

Protect your stretch marks preferably with clothes, but it also works well with sunscreen as long as you use SPF 30 or higher and lubricate yourself often and abundantly.


4.      Keep the skin supple

If you are pregnant, it may be a good idea to keep your skin supple and soft. Although there are special creams, it seems that the most important thing is that the skin is properly moisturized, which you can achieve with regular oils and lotions without costing the shirt.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid drinking too many caffeinated beverages (which you should do when you are pregnant.)


5.      Time (almost) heals all wounds

Finally, it can be good to keep in mind that even if you have stretch marks that are very visible right now, they will probably fade over time. Some actually disappear altogether. But even if they do not, remember: Your body is amazing. It can carry and give birth to a child, it takes you where you need to go and it enables you to experience all that life has to offer. Who cares if you happen to get any marks on the road? Love your body and do not be overly worried about stately tiger stripes!


Products against stretch marks

The products below can help reduce stretch marks.


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