Do's and Don'ts for your winter skin
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Why is sunscreen essential in everyday’s life?

In today's time taking care of your skin has become more significant than before. People nowadays go through various skin conditions. A range of reasons can trigger the skin which in turn causes problems. Some of those reasons include weather changes, increasing pollution, and bad skincare routine and so on.

 A proper skincare regime consists of a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and the most essential sunscreen. Earlier, people rarely included sunscreen in their routine because they were not aware of its benefits. But now, all the dermatologists and skin experts recommend applying sunscreen more than ever. The harmful rays of the sun can cause huge damage to the skin which can take years to get repaired.

 Rather than spending a fortune on various treatments and expensive products, it is an ideal choice to invest in a good sunscreen so that your skin does not have to go through harsh damage. After all,  preventing a condition is way better than the cure.

There is a vast range of sunscreen that is available from various popular brands. Amongst them, one of the most popular is Skinroller Sun Touch SPF 50. This sunscreen has a broad spectrum that will act as a barrier between your skin and UVA rays. Not only is it used as a protective layer but also has various other benefits.

Top 5 benefits of applying sunscreen 

 Sunscreen is not only used as a protective layer but also has various other benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Put a shield between your skin and UV rays:

The first and foremost benefit is protection. Applying sunscreen daily helps the skin from UVA and UVB rays. A lot of people have a myth that sunscreen should only be applied when stepping out of the house in the afternoon, which is false.

Be it a sunny day or cloudy day, summer season or winter season, inside or outside of the house, it is not possible to hide from UV rays. Therefore, sunscreen builds a protective layer over your skin that prevents UVA and UVB from penetrating the skin and causing damage.

2. Stimulates the production of collagen

Nowadays, everyone wishes for skin that is radiant, smooth and without any wrinkles. But in today’s time, it is not possible to have such skin unless and until you apply sunscreen. UV rays are one of the primary reasons that help to break the collagen of the skin and damage the screen elasticity.

This is why many people are going through fine lines and wrinkles at a very young age. Recent research states that people who apply sunscreen regularly have a 24% less chance of getting wrinkles and fine lines at a younger age.


3. Helps in lightening the spots

Many people today are going through various skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation or dry spots. These conditions become worse due to continuous exposure to the sun. So instead of causing more damage, one should always go for a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum so that the spots or pigmentation doesn’t come in contact with the UV rays and fades over time.

4. Avoid sunburns and tanning on your face.

We all are aware that long exposure to the sun without any protection causes sunburn. Sunburns are identified as small brown patches on your skin after prolonged sun exposure. These sometimes can irritate the skin so it is always better to layer your skin with a good amount of sunscreen.

There is also a possible chance of getting tanned which is as harmful as sunburns. Several people follow the trend of getting suntanned without knowing the unwanted skin disease that they are inviting. Sunscreen is a miracle product that can act as a saviour for all skin issues.

5. Avoid sunburns and tanning on your face.

Regardless of the seasons, your skin may always get triggered which leads you to fight those conditions. Be it humid weather or dry moths, your skin will always find an excuse to cause breakouts or simply becomes dry and dull.

Whenever a skin condition arises, it is always required to figure out the root cause before going or applying a treatment. Applying sunscreen helps to make your skin smoother and hydrated while eliminating the issues gradually.

To conclude, it doesn’t matter where you are from and what skin type and colour you have. Every skin is unique and beautiful and therefore, they deserve to get protected and well taken care of.



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