Vad innehåller en bra hudvårdsrutin? - Här är svaren du söker!
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4 new skin care routines to try out 


Eager to take care of your skin even better and maybe also try something new? We at Skinroller love to try new types of products and have in our range skin care from many different places on earth. Here are our top tips on skin care routines that will give you that perfect glow! Mix and match as you like to tailor a routine that works for you!

1.      Microneedling

Microneedling gör huden vackrare
Microneedling is probably our absolute favorite treatment that you can do at home. The reason why we and many others like it so much is that it can be used to cure many different skin problems, or simply just to make the skin even more beautiful. That's why it works for almost everyone, regardless of skin type!

When you do microneedling at a salon, longer needles are used, which many may find a little scary, but when you do it at home, it is much nicer! With the help of a dermaroller, short, thin needles are rolled over the skin and it is almost not felt at all.

In addition, it is completely safe as long as you make sure to clean it with alcohol after each use.

Our skinroller that we call Skinroller has 192 needles and is available in different lengths depending on what you want to achieve with the treatment. You can read more about how to choose the right length here.

What happens when you roll is that the skin begins to repair the small holes you have created. This natural healing process means that the skin's renewal process is boosted and the production of collagen, which is important for youthful skin, increases.

When the skin starts and repairs the damage in that way, you get the side effect that other damage to the skin is also repaired, such as wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars and stretch marks. It also helps against dry and lifeless skin.

An extra effect that microneedling has on the skin is that it increases the absorption of beauty products by up to 200%. This means that it is perfect to apply a serum after the treatment. The serum can be tailored to the needs of the skin. For example, a serum with retinol is perfect if you want to cure wrinkles. Retinol is one of the very few ingredients in skin care products that has a scientifically proven effect against wrinkles.


2.      K-beauty

korean skincare
If there's one thing the Koreans are good at, it's beauty care. They are obsessed with preventing aging, and either they are extremely good at it, or they have amazing genes. We guess it's a combination of both!


So how can you test K-beauty at home in your bathroom? A Korean skincare routine involves many different steps and "less is more" does not apply here. Proper cleansing, toner, serum and day and night cream are mandatory, as are face masks several times a week. If you drive on a sheet mask, you get plus points! Often, a Korean skincare routine involves many more steps, and it can take half an hour to complete.

Another thing that is sort of part of the Korean skin care is the lifestyle. The Koreans have realized that it does not help much to use good products if you then smoke all day and do not protect yourself from the sun. They are careful to eat healthy and drink enough water. And SPF is indispensable for preventing the sun's rays from aging the skin prematurely. Facial massage is also used to keep the face youthful.

So if you are craving to run K-beauty fully, try to embrace this whole healthy lifestyle along with a skin care routine with many steps, and you will both feel good and have fantastic skin!

Read more about K-beauty here! 

Take a look here to see what korean skin care we have in stock right now! 

3.      Australian beauty

australisk hudvård
Do you think it seems far too time consuming and expensive to drive on K-beauty? In that case, it's time for us to pack our handsome bags and head to Australia. A-beauty has become big in recent years and is basically the opposite of how they do in Korea. Instead of many steps and complicated processes, you want to develop a few products that are really useful and that are so effective that you do not have to alternate with a lot of other things.

A-beauty is especially suitable for those who feel stressed and have a packed schedule, as the idea is to save time by only using a few products.

We at Skinroller are very proud to be able to offer products from the Australian brand Bayeco

Bayeco has very few products in its range, because they are so incredibly effective. The contents have really been scrutinized and they are free from ingredients like parabens and mineral oils. What they contain, however, are natural ingredients such as green tea extract, vitamin C-rich plum, avocado oil, argan oil and a variety of other things. They also contain super-ingredients such as niacinamide and vitamin E.

You can find Bayeco's wonderful products here. 


4.      Swedish beauty

svensk hudvård
Even though we Swedes love to test products from different countries, this does not mean that there is no good skin care that comes from Sweden! Swedes generally want skin care products that really do good and that do not just come up with empty claims, and the Cicamed brand has taken note of that.

Cicamed's products are developed and manufactured in Sweden and the focus is on efficiency, naturalness and organic ingredients. The products are inspected by dermatologists, chemists and plastic surgeons and are easy to use. We love them because they really do what it says on the package, whether you want to treat scars or boost your skin's collagen.



Try a new skin care routine today! 

The products below are perfect if the article has inspired you to try something new!

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