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FAQ About Skinroller

1. Questions about Skinroller PRO

  • + What is a Skinroller?
    A Skinroller consists of many small microneedles that penetrate the skin and stimulate the growth and renewal of skin cells. Use the Skinroller by gently rolling it over problem areas on the skin. The leather roller needles are made of surgical steel of the highest quality.
  • + How quickly do I see results?

    This depends on what skin problems you want to treat and how much the skin needs to regenerate. The process can take several months, but you often see visible changes after just one week. Renewal of the top layer of skin takes approximately 40 days. This means that after only a few treatment sessions, the change can be significant.

  • + How often should I use my Skinroller?
    We want to warn that there are others who recommend that you do microneedling in your home several times a week. This is not something we recommend. Depending on the treatment area, you should not treat your skin more than 1-2 times a week with Skinroller. Our recommendation is that ideally you should use your Skinroller only 1-2 times a week with a high quality serum. If you have sensitive skin, you should use your Skinroller less often than that.
  • + How do I know what size I should choose?

    It depends on what skin problems you want to treat and how much the skin needs to regenerate. The process can last for several weeks, but you often see visible changes after one week. Renewal of the top layer of skin takes approximately every 40 days. This means that after just a few treatment sessions, change can be significant. 

    The needles on Skinroller come in different sizes and so can penetrate the skin to different depths. Choose the size according to which part of the body you want to treat. The sizes vary from 0.25 to 1.5 mm.


    0.25 mm:
    This is the smallest needle size and it is used primarily on skin that is thinner and more delicate than the eye skin. (Warning: do not use on eyelids)

    0.50 mm:
    This next size is perfect to use on the face to treat minor scars and wrinkles,  and also to prevent wrinkles. We recommend this size for those who want to treat or prevent hair loss and/or thinning hair.

    1.00 mm:
    This size is perfect for reducing medium to larger scars. This size also works effectively against new wrinkles, small stretch marks, deep acne scars and minor cellulite on the body. This needle helps to firm up the skin.

    1.50 mm:
    Our largest needle size is for those who want to do something about larger cellulite and deeper stretch marks. Use on thicker skin such as the thighs and buttocks. This size also has a good effect on deep scars as well as on surgical scars.

  • + Can I use a Dermaroller in the summer?
    Yes, it is possible to use Skinroller during the summer. However, we recommend that you refrain from staying in the sun 24 hours after the treatment. It is extra important to use sunscreen after the use of a dermaroller (at least spf 30).
  • + Is it possible to use Skinroller when you are pregnant and / or breastfeeding?
    We advise against using your Skinroller during the first three months of your pregnancy. However, keep in mind,  that the skin can become a little extra sensitive due to hormone surges in the body. Observe your skin regularly. Should you experience that the skin reacts too strongly, do not use the Skinroller until after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • + What is important to think about after treating the skin with Skinroller?

    First of all, clean the roller with the recommended cleaning products. Then, apply the appropriate serum and possibly cream. It is recommended that, after using the roller, go to sleep so that the skin has time to rest. The next day you can do your skin care routines as usual. It is also recommended to only apply make-up on the skin in the morning, after the skin has rested. 

    However, remember not to use any products that can negatively affect the skin in the first few days, such as strong peeling products, acids or other strong ingredients.

    • Do not touch the skin. Our fingers carry more bacteria than you think.
    • Refrain from exercise, chlorine bath and sauna for 24 hours.
    • Do not wax the rolled skin for a week.
    • Avoid contact with the sun for 24 hours. After that, use spf protection.
  • + Is it common to flare up or turn red in the face after treatment?
    It is common to see redness of the skin after rolling, but this is a positive sign. This is something we want to achieve, as the skin absorbs better the active ingredients in the subsequent products.

    It is also common for the skin to feel dry a few days after rolling. Therefore, it is extra important to concentrate on skin care routines that add a lot of moisture.
  • + How often should you change your Skinroller, and why?
    We recommend that you replace your skin roller after about 10-12 uses. This is extremely important for hygienic reasons, but also for the needles to maintain their sharpness. The needles need to be at a certain standard sharpness in order for correct and safe penetration.
  • + Where do you throw your used Skinroller?

    Unfortunately as this time, the skinroller is not recyclable. As the product contains both metal and plastic, it cannot be disposed of in plastic recycling or metal recycling. 

    The Skinroller can be disposed with combustibles, i.e. among household rubbish. Feel free to wrap it in paper before throwing it away. We do not want anyone to get hurt.

  • + When should one not use a Skinroller?
    You should not use a skin roller if the skin is irritated, infected, has active rocasea, active acne, psoriasis, tattoos, skin cancer, tanned skin, raised birthmarks, warts, sores, actinic keratoses or any other skin conditions that you are unsure of what it may be.

    You should also not use a skin roller if you are taking antibiotics, or use other medications that can make your skin thin and / or feel thin, such as roaccutane or tetralycal.

    You should also refrain from treatment with skin rollers if any of the below apply to you:

    • You have blood disease or are using blood thinners.
    • You have had radiation treatment or laser treatment in the target skin area within the last year.
    • You have controlled / difficult-to-control diabetes (you must have a stable blood sugar to use the Skinroller).
    • You have had treatment with cytotoxic drugs or radiation therapy.
    • You are in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
    • You recently underwent surgery / facial surgery.
    • You should only use the skinroller after the first two weeks of having botox or fillers. 
    • You have scars that are less than 6 months old.
  • + Can you clean your Skinroller with soap and water?

    No, this cleaning method is not enough for your Skinroller to be free of bacteria.

    We recommend that you use a cleaning spray that contains at least 75% alcohol as a disinfectant. On our website you will find some different variants to buy. We recommend Clean Dermaroller Cleansing which can be purchased here.

2. Orders & Returns

  • + How long is the delivery time on my order?

    We currently offer four different delivery options:

    PostNord Commodity letter 1-3 days (2-4 days in Norrland & Gotland)
    Your order is sent as a goods letter, to your mailbox or postal agent. The delivery is distributed before kl. 18. If the package does not fit in your mailbox, it will be delivered to a postal agent near where you live.

    PostNord Representative 1-3 days
    The delivery is distributed to the postal agent you have chosen. Include valid ID.

    DHL Agent 1-3 days
    The delivery is distributed to the postal agent you have chosen. Include valid ID.

    Budbee Home Delivery 1-2 days
    The order package is delivered to the home address you specified when placing the order. You will be contacted by Budbee regarding delivery time.

    During busy and high-pressure periods, the delivery time may be slightly longer.

  • + How long is my order with the postal agent?

    Your package is normally in 14 days at the postal agent before it is returned to our warehouse in Götene. An SMS notification is sent out, if the package is not picked up after this, an email notification and a letter reminder will also be sent to you. Unredeemed packages are charged a fee of SEK 299 to cover administrative costs and penalties from the agent. This amount will then be adjusted on your existing payment.

  • + How can I track my package?

    If you want help tracking your package, you can contact us at or call us on +46840925320.

    Upon delivery to your chosen point, you will receive a notification either by SMS or at home in the mailbox. You can also follow your package through Postnord's own app.

    You will then use the notification that comes via SMS or letter to pick up your package. If you should delete your notification or for any other reason lose it, you are welcome to contact us by either email or telephone +46840925320.

  • + My order has not arrived, what is the reason?

    If your package did not arrive, it could be due to many different reasons. Often the package is at the delivery point even though the notification has not arrived correctly. If the package still has not arrived after a week, we recommend that you contact us at or by phone and we will do everything to get your order.

  • + Do you send packages abroad?

    We currently send packages to Sweden and Norway. If you have a special request, we obviously want to help you. Then contact

  • + How do I make a return?
    The right of return is 14 days on You can return products that are unused, unopened and where the packaging is unbroken. If you want to make a return, you can contact

    In the event of a complaint or returned purchase, you will receive your money back within a maximum of 30 days from the day Skinroller received the complaint or return.


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