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About Us – Skin care that gives results

Welcome to We create products for those who are as interested and passionate about skin care as we are. We want to help and inspire you to take care of your skin, but also to create a routine that actually gives results. We also prioritize the shopping experience itself. We want the time you spend on our web shop to be like walking into a beauty boutique on an alley in Paris or New York! There you can find  exclusive products from all corners of the world, and so we wish to translate this experience to the web.

Ever since the birth of our company in 2012, our philosophy has been to move the salon into our own homes. We want to make it easier for everyone to create their own skin care routine that provides results and boosts one's skin quality - no matter what you want to improve.

Since the foundation, we have had a vision to change the skin care market. With all the skin care options available to people now, there is often too much choice! We believe that creating a routine based on personal preferences and your own skin should be enjoyable and fun. Most importantly, it should be possible to do from your own home!


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2012 - The Year Our Company Began

Our flagship product is Skinroller PRO. It is one of Sweden's best-selling Skinrollers and is quality-assured and CE-marked. Skinroller PRO is based on microneedling, a scientifically proven method developed by dermatologists. It consists of 192 safe-use needles and can increase the skin's absorption of serum by 200%. Microblading helps to form new collagen naturally, so the process can reduce the visibility of cellulites, wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, scars and improve dry and dry skin. Above all, Skinroller PRO is a good alternative to expensive beauty treatments. It is easy to use but not time consuming.

At you will therefore find carefully selected products of high quality that make a difference, but at a good price. Skinroller PRO is still our hallmark product, but we have also expanded our range with more than 100 hand-picked products.

Product philosophy: hand-picked & high quality

At the core of our philosophy is that everyone has the right to skin that feels good and looks radiant. Therefore, our products are created to bring out the best in your skin and help it reach its full potential. Our products are hand-picked and unique while being authentic, different and functional. They are developed to be combined with Skinroller PRO. We hope to enable you to tailor your own skin care routine.

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The products that you find on are always high quality. Something we value is that everyone should be able to create their unique skin care routine. That's why we offer innovative products that live up to their promise and that contain good and active ingredients. We endeavor to provide products at an affordable price so that everyone can have a quality skin care routine. is a family business, and maybe we are even more beauty-nerds than you are! We have a great passion for skin care and are happy to travel far to find those unique, innovative and special products. Together with an equally passionate and curious team, we run and constantly strive to develop and improve our range. In our work, the customer perspective is always present. This comes naturally to us, partly because we develop and choose products that we ourselves love, but also because many in our team have applied to after being customers themselves.
We are a small but strong beauty-nerd gang located in central Stockholm, with nice premises! Are you interested in being one of us? Get in touch! You can find us on LinkedIn or by emailing

You are's most important reviewer.

 We appreciate when our customers take the time to share what they think of our products. So we would love to hear from you! By evaluating the products you have tried, you can help others to more accurately choose the perfect products! It is also very useful and an important part of our work to develop and improve our range. Your feedback helps!

Hand-picked range


Follow's journey on (Skin) Stories. A lot is happening on right now. We work intensively to take our store and our products to the next level. Follow this exciting journey on (Skin) Stories. Here you can read about the latest product news, new brands and skin care trends that we are inspired by when we develop new products. You will find informative tutorials on how to best use Skinroller PRO together with our other products. 

Always low prices


Since Skinroller was started by users themselves, we look at pricing through the customer's eyes. Affordability is therefore one of our key goals.


Hey #skincareenthusiast!

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this page, which means that you are a real skin care enthusiast just like me. My name is Amanda and I am ultimately responsible and the engine for

Since 2012, we have over the years seen a lot of unscrupulous players in the industry, who compromise on quality to earn bigger margins. That's not how we work. is based on results-oriented treatments that also restore the skin to its original condition. The company is 100% family owned and we believe in being sensitive to our customers.
Join our community on Instagram or Facebook and we promise to listen to your wishes.
Ever since 2012, Skinroller has lived in symbiosis with its customers, so all this is something we create together.
Lots of love, wishes

Amanda Aalto


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